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'I am woman, see me,
remember me, envy me,
I am fearless'

~Plum Petal
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Plum Petal

'She knows her worth,
value and capabilities,
with this she is limitless'

~Plum Petal
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'To captivate is to be

~Plum Petal
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Plum Petal

happens here'

~ Plum Petal
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Confident | Beautiful | Desirable

Distinctive statement jewellery that will make you feel confident, beautiful and desirable.
Plum Petal

Seasonal Promotions

At Plum Petal, we inspire you through every season with jewellery that makes a statement. We carefully create our seasonal collections to offer you the latest trends. Quality, style and colour are significant aspects of our brand. If this is you and what you look for in your accessory collection, then we are your perfect match.
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New Arrivals

Making your jewellery selection simple. Our new arrivals are on trend and are what you need this season in your accessory draw or what we call your 'Top Draw'. There’s no need to change your seasonal clothing wardrobe, when you can transform your look and stay on trend with our latest jewellery arrivals. Make a statement with every piece.
About Us

Managing Founder, Karina Pellicone had a vision to create Australia's leading online boutique jewellery store. Karina's vision has always been focused on creating a distinctive, bold and beautiful collection of quality statement jewellery for women who want to make "that statement", and leave a lasting impression. Plum Petal jewellery is all about attracting attention to all the right places.

With a true understanding of the needs and wants of Plum Petal's customers, Karina created two main collections. ‘A Little Luxe’ jewellery collection for women who wear refined, elegant, simple style jewellery to make their statement.

‘Make Your Statement’ is a collection for women who want to compliment their curves with distinctive statement jewellery. Make Your Statement, is a striking collection of colourful, bold, unique jewellery pieces.

At Plum Petal we aim to have an on trend, quality statement jewellery collection that will have every one of our customers feeling beautiful and confident when they wear their statement jewellery piece.

'Gorgeous happens here.' ~ Karina Pellicone