To keep your Plum Petal jewellery looking beautiful and endure through time, it requires love and care.

Please handle all products and jewellery with care as many items such as statement pieces are made out of glass, crystals and delicate materials that can be damaged and broken.

Please avoid contact with water, moisture, perfumes, moisturisers, rough surfaces and harsh cleaners such as bleach and detergents, as this could harm the metal and reduce the life of the plating as well as cause discolouration and loss of crystal/stone brilliance.

Store your jewellery safely in a pouch or box to avoid scratches or damage.

Remove all jewellery before sleeping, swimming, bathing and do not wear when exercising.

Polish your jewellery frequently with a soft microfiber cloth to maintain its original, lustrous finish.

Any products and jewellery used against the advice and directions contained within this Love and Care Guide are not covered by the Plum Petal Returns Policy.