Beetle Bling Earrings - (Size S-M)

Statement Earring

Beetle Bling Earrings - (Size S-M)

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Why It’s Different:

  • Beetle Bling Earrings inlaid with clear gemstones
  • Gold base with oversized green gemstone stud with clear gemstone halo design
  • Silicone back post with lobe support 
  • Light-weight

How You’ll Feel:

  • Undeniably confident with a statement-making design that turns heads 
  • Radiant and regal, an undeniable queen
  • Effortlessly chic and sophisticated 

What They’ll Say:

  • She’s got a sparkling personality 
  • She’s elegant and refined with an unexpected edge and dash of sass
  • She looks exquisite, how unusual are those earrings

Measurements: L: 6cm | W: 2.5cm| 

Weight 23g

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