KK Angel Fish Pearl Earrings


KK Angel Fish Pearl Earrings

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Your style deserves to be recognized, and what better way to show it off than by wearing the Angle Fish Pearl Earrings. These keepsake earrings are a embellished Angel Fish design covered in multicoloured crystals a finished in beautiful 24ct gold plating. You’ll be asked where you got your earrings from.


  • Textured cultured fresh water pearl for each earring- note each pair are uniquely different as they are a natural product.
  • cubic zirconia crystals
  • gr
  • 24ct gold plated
  • 9mm x 11mm pearl size
  • Copper
  • Lightweight - 23g (pair)

Measurements: Length: 4.8cm | Width: 2.4cm | 

Why It’s Different:

  • unique fish bone design
  • multi-color cz crystals
  • Silicone back post with lobe support
How You’ll Feel:
  • Delighted and ecstatic 
  • Vividly dramatic in the best fashion
  • Like you own every room you step in

What They’ll Say:

  • Her style is so unique and incomparable
  • She wears jewelry made from the finest materials 
  • She steps out and moves with such confidence