Bespoke Boxes

What are Bespoke Boxes? These are boxes individually selected by our team from across the range. We are the experts when it comes to know which pieces are trending, new in, look fabulous when merchandised and displayed together and we also know our loyal and regular customers who sometimes just don’t have time to browse and order for themselves. So we are taking the hard work out of the equation for you but there is a small description box where you can add a few details about your design preferences, size, colours inclusions or exclusions. This is a box or surprises and this also means you will always receive more that you pay for. Meaning your value of received product included will be more that the value paid. Please note, items can only be returned if they have a manufactures fault with them. 

Each box contains a beautiful combination of Plum Petal jewellery (primarily earrings unless you provide specific detail in the descriptions box), full or colour, on trend pieces, new arrivals and all-rounder pieces. You are able to provide a short description if you want to add more of a colour, size or designs to include or exclude. Or just select the box and we will do a wonderful selection to create your perfect Bespoke Box.