Bespoke Box - X-Large

Bespoke Box - X-Large

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Let us create a selection of jewellery for you with your next wholesale order.

This Bespoke Box,  is the true treasure chest and designed for stores who don’t have the time to login and browse the full extent of the range but want to have a stand out collection of Plum Petal pieces personally selected by our team to create an experience of pieces from across the full Plum Petal range. This box includes a rainbow collection or pieces small, medium and large and will be a collection that will get the attention of your customers.

Approximately 50 pieces give or take depending on the prices of each piece.

If there is something you do or don't want with you Bespoke Box just let us know in the notes section of the order you place. For example we want more pink earrings, or we don’t want X-Large, etc

*Prices exclude shipping, products can only be exchanged if they have a manufacturers fault.